October 2020

Aging Loved Ones, Child Care and Co-Parenting

Feature Spotlight: Media Gallery

Can’t figure which of the 30 soccer pictures of Suzie’s game to post on Facebook? Wonder if you’re “oversharing” to the majority of your friends but a few family members still want to see them all? Then you need a private way to share pictures and videos that matter to your family, but don’t necessarily need to overwhelm your social media pages. Group texts work in the moment, but as soon as the next 3 texts come in commenting on the picture, the memory is instantly lost to the history section of your messages.

eLivelihood gives you an easy way to share all those pictures of the new baby, or puppy or maybe the progress of your son’s not so scientific science project.  Maybe it’s a DIY home improvement success or fail. Invite family and friends into your care group so they can enjoy the memories with you. Permission settings keep your private information private, while sharing great memories with extended family and friends.

Our platform keeps those pictures in your own private gallery to look at and scroll through whenever you want. You have your own personal photo album at your fingertips whenever you want to see it. Better yet, you can share it with anyone, even if they don’t have a social media profile, or a smart phone, like the grandparents. We thought of them too and give them an option to view the pictures on a tablet application you can load on any Apple or Android device.

Managing kids in school and aging parents isn't easy.

This is the time of year when parents feel the challenges of returning to school. Whether you have chosen in-classroom or virtual learning, balancing the education of your children while caring for an aging loved one at the same time is no easy task. Often referred to as the "Sandwich Generation," adults who juggle raising children and caring for older members of the family may find it stressful, overwhelming and laborious to cater for two sets of people with different needs.

If you are a parent who can relate, then you need eLivelihood! Managing the logistics of care, either for your parents or your kids isn’t easy, especially when you have to coordinate it with others.

eLivelihood helps you put all your information in one place and then share it with those people that need to know and can help. Calendars, tasks, important documents, homework, medications, pictures and videos, we got you covered. Create a care team for each person you’re caring for. Your kids, your parents, or another loved one. Invite your team, set their permissions so they only have access to what they need to see. Now everyone is informed, in-the-loop and can share important moments with picture and video sharing. This creates transparency, increases empathy and mitigates senior isolation.

You don't have to go at it alone.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked scenarios dramatically impacted by the pandemic, is divided families in dual households coordinating care for kids. Divorced parents with healthy relationships struggle with coordinating kids’ schedules, appointments, visitation and  homework. Even when communication is good, managing logistics is always tough. Now, take a divided family where the parental relationship is a bit strained or even hostile, and the issues are compounded. As life is beginning to get back to normal, there is a solution to help maintain, and even improve how divided families co-parent and keep their kids feeling secure in the process. eLivelihood has that solution.

Co-parenting requires a commitment to communicate frequently and effectively in order to stay on top of what’s going on in their kids’ lives. Our web platform can help streamline the communication process. Using a shared platform to coordinate calendars, appointments, activities, sports practices and events, medical details and expense history and even photos and videos, eLivelihood keeps everything in one place and lets co-parents focus on what is most important ...maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with their kids. No more missing appointments, making that uncomfortable phone call about finances, missing photos from special events when you’re not there or searching in multiple files for medical information or legal documents.

The platform and tools offered by eLivelihood get at the heart of helping co-parents effectively manage their world of sharing kids. Simple, effective and affordable, the platform helps keep even divided families unified when it comes to coordinating care for their kids. The mobile app even lets you coordinate while on the go and communicate in real time.

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