Customize Our Platform To Be Your Solution

eLivelihood offers Enterprise Solutions to companies that would like to expand their current service offerings, private label our product or customize a solution built to specifically meet a need. By leveraging the existing collaborative team platform and features, building a tailored product can be done quickly and efficiently. Organizations don’t have to sacrifice functionality and productivity to adapt to an off-the-shelf solution. eLivelihood can build exactly what you need with a cost-effective and quick-to-market approach.

Market Focus


Offer your employees and clients a wellness platform to manage their hectic lives outside of the office.


Customize a collaborative platform that brings families, patients and clinicians together.


Expand your reach and improve family cooperation with personalized, interactive communication tools.


Utilize our team based platform to better serve the families within your community.


Customize the look and feel to eLivelihood’s platform with:

  • Logos & your own branding guidelines

  • Custom URLs

  • Customized sign-up process

  • Specific landing and marketing pages & Mobile App customization

Create the perfect solution

  • Integrate existing systems, data and statistics

  • Customize user data entry and storage points

  • Create specific forms, lists and views

  • Segregate user functionality based on individual roles

  • Leverage existing calendar, data storage and sharing capabilities already available

  • Customized display choices

Understand your Customer

  • Track customer usage and behavior

  • Customize system alert messages

  • Admin dashboards to track metrics

Make an Impression

  • Proactive, branded email, push notifications and SMS

  • Customized newsletters, customer surveys, product updates and announcements

  • Leverage eLivelihood’s expertise with elder care and family management

  • Professional content creation for a personalized experience

  • Marketing funnels, customer conversion, goal and engagement tracking

You’re safe with us

  • Soc 2 Type 2 Certified

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • GDPR Compliant

  • AES-256 Data Encryption

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