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eLivelihood is the only online collaborative application that helps families manage the care and finances, and, monitor the health, of their aging parents. Our solution offers multiple service levels and you only pay for what you need, when you need it. We also keep your senior engaged with their own tablet application that keeps them informed and in touch with you. Keep your senior’s care in-sync with your family. Register your team today!


Collectively put everything you need in one place.

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  • Task Management

    Assign and manage tasks between family members and track individual time spent on care.

  • SafeKeeper

    Securely store sensitive information like medication lists, insurance information, the Will, whatever is important to you.

  • Family Calendar

    Get everyone on the same page with a shared calendar for managing events, tasks and appointments.

  • Security

    Set individual permission settings so that only the members of the family that need access to secure information can do so.

  • 3rd Party Time Tracking

    Invite 3rd party caregivers to the calendar, assign them tasks, track their time and keep a history of their notes on care activity.

A tablet application tailored for the senior.

Always FREE

Reduce Senior isolation by keeping them engaged and informed. Customize the level of involvement based on their cognitive needs and capabilities.

  • Media Sharing

    Instantly share picture and videos from extended family and friends directly to the tablet so the Senior stays connected to everyone.

  • Family Calendar

    Allow the Senior to see calendar appointments to keep them involved in daily life planning.

  • Personal Health Data

    Allows the Senior to see their health statistics. Motivates them to 'get in their steps' or change sleep patterns for better rest.

  • Easy Navigation

    The app is specifically designed for Seniors to easily navigate, understand and operate.

  • One Touch Contact

    The Senior can contact anyone on their network with the tap of their avatar to send a text or email message.

  • Carousel Mode

    Turn any tablet into a picture sharing frame which will scroll through your media gallery automatically.

Reduce fraud and track contributions with a transparent view of the Senior's financial picture.

  • Contribute Funds

    Each authorized Team Member can transfer funds to the Virtual Credit Card via a secure transaction directly from your bank.

  • Funds Transfer

    Transfer money to other authorized Team Members on the account securely.

  • Virtual Credit Card

    Use a prepaid virtual card to pay bills and living expenses that is funded by the care team. Report all transactions to see where the money goes.

  • Zelle Payments

    Send money fast using Zelle! It’s fast, secure and universally accepted.

  • Bill Pay

    Pay bills directly from the Virtual Credit Card account for housing, utilities, repairs or just everyday expenses.

  • Reduce Fraud

    Reduce fraud by monitoring transactions and limit exposure with the customizable Virtual Credit Card.

Coming Soon!

Monitoring basic vital signs, behavioral and activity changes alert the family to potential issues.

  • Fitbit Monitoring

    Monitor heart rate, steps and sleep patterns.

  • Motion & Contact Sensors

    Place motion and contact sensors to detect activity and movement. Use only the devices or sensors you need to give you piece of mind.

  • Weight Monitoring

    Track daily weight patterns to ensure health and wellness.

  • Health Alerts

    We track the history and alert the family to any changes that could indicate a problem or concern.

elivelihood Plans
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Media Only

  • Web Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • Senior Tablet App
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Tablet Carousel

Financial Management

  • Media Only Plan plus...
  • Account Monitoring
  • Virtual Credit Card
  • Bill Pay
  • Funds Transfer

Health Monitoring

Coming Soon
  • Media Only Plan plus...
  • Fitbit Reporting
  • Health Alerts
  • Motion Sensors
  • Bathroom Smart Sensors

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